We Recruit Premier IT Employees Quickly And Professionally!


StarRecruit LLC is a premier IT recruiting firm, with over a decade of experience finding and recruiting the top 5-10% of talent in IT and software markets.

We use proprietary databases, advanced Boolean searches, experience and skill to uncover “hidden”, passive candidates that aren’t looking for work. These high performers don’t show up on job board databases (Dice, Monster, Career Builder, etc).  Our candidates are top performing, "free-agents" that are looking to upgrade their careers and lives. To borrow a sports analogy, we use our experience and skill to find the best players on the opposition team and work as their agent to help them upgrade to a team that is a better fit for their career objectives.

Many recruiters are “smile and dial” telemarketers that make 100 calls a day hoping to wear down client companies into “giving them a shot”.  This is generally proceeded by the telemarketer sending unemployed, unhappy, unqualified candidates to a client hoping that they are desperate enough to hire the candidate. StarRecruit LLC is quite the opposite.