Some of Our Clients & Partners



"As a recruiter and Director of HR, Matt had a genuine and optimistic approach to finding candidates for open positions. He is persistent in his work ethic and is an absolute pleasure to work with." 

Ken Conklin - Senior Vice President, BATS Global Markets

"I have direct experience in watching Matt at work in recruiting strong midwest talent. He has a deep concern for matching the needs of the organization with the skills of the best players."

Kevin Prine - CEO Outreach International

"Matt is a very talented guy with a real passion for recruiting. His commitment to finding the right role for the right client is a big reason why he is an excellent choice for anyone looking to fill a position or land a great job."

Randy Williams - Vice President, BATS Global Markets 

"I worked with Matt over the past few years and he recruited many talented students from the Univ. of Kansas School of Business. Matt always took a very proactive and detailed approach to finding the right talent to meet his organization's varied needs. He was a consummate professional to work with and was always quick to support the KU school of Business in any way needed." 

David Byrd-Stadler - Employer Relations Coordinator

 "Star Recruit (Matt) always takes the time to understand the needs of our company and the position so we can find the right person for the work.  He is also great at helping the candidate feel who we are and why we might be the ideal place for them to make their mark.  Matchmaking is difficult business, but Matt does it with the utmost intelligence and tenacity."

Scott Sharp - CTO, Pinsight Media

"Matt Denney is a rock star recruiter who is capable of getting high performing candidates in front of you in the time frame that you need. He helped us hire our first full time developer and provided support from start to finish.

The best candidates aren't the ones actively looking and applying; rather, they are the ones already in existing roles. So, you need more than just a career posting on your website. With his meticulous research and ear to the ground in the tech industry, Matt Denney is the way to the cream of the crop."

Jordan Tung - Empiric Edge Founder - 

Harvard University Comp Sci Grad